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Company Details:

Business Type : Exporter
Trading Company
Main Market : Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees : 20~50
Year Established : 2013
Export p.c : 40% - 50%

MTL Intrinsic Safety Zener Barriers

MTL is a pioneer in the development of the "shunt diode" safety barrier. This is a passive network device that uses Zener diodes, resistors and fuses to safely divert excess electrical energy to ground and thus prevent sparking in or overheating of equipment in hazardous areas. Their key benefits are low cost and the ability to operate with data in analogue DC or high-speed digital forms.

MTL became a world leader with its ranges of shunt diode safety barriers and its support role in the emergence of this new technology.The early MTL700 Series soon established itself as an 'industry standard' with a reputation for quality and reliability.

The ranges have evolved over the years but the latest MTL7700 Series is unique in providing a broad range of benefits that the instrumentation engineer looks for in a modern barrier.

With the new MTL7700, and continuing support for our other ranges, MTL's commitment to zener barriers is confirmed for many years to come.

MTL Isolators

MTL offers the best choice in DIN-rail and backplane mounting isolators to meet the requirements of modern systems.The DIN-rail mounting isolator ranges provide a wide choice of functions with high accuracy and reliability, while the backplane mounting products are established as the leading IS system interface with solutions for all the major DCS companies.

The NEW MTL4500 Series is the latest generation of backplane mounting products, building upon the heritage of MTL4000 and introducing many key application benefits.

The NEW MTL5500 Series launches a new industry standard for DIN rail mounting products, ideally suited to a wide variety of interface tasks for process instrumentation.

MTL7700 Series                                                                                             

Part Number

MTL7706+, MTL7707+, MTL7707p+, MTL7710+, MTL7715+, MTL7715p+, MTL7722+, MTL7728+/–/ac, MTL7728p+, MTL7729p+, MTL7741, MTL7742, MTL7743, MTL7744, MTL7745, MTL7761ac, MTL7761pac, MTL7764+, MTL7764ac, MTL7765ac, MTL7766ac, MTL7766pac, MTL7767+, MTL7778ac, MTL7779+

MTL4600 Series                                                                                        

Part Number

MTL4604, MTL4610, MTL4611, MTL4614, MTL4614D, MTL4616, MTL4617, MTL4621, MTL4623, MTL4623L, MTL4623R, MTL4624, MTL4624S, MTL4626, MTL4632, MTL4641, MTL4641A, MTL4641AS, MTL4641S, MTL4644, MTL4644A, MTL4644AS, MTL4644D, MTL4644S, MTL4646, MTL4646Y, MTL4649, MTL4649Y, MTL4675, MTL4676-RTD, MTL4676-THC

MTL4500 Series                                                                                                                         

Part Number

MTL4501-SR, MTL4504, MTL4510, MTL4510B, MTL4511, MTL4513, MTL4514 (B)(D), MTL4516, MTL4516C, MTL4517, MTL4521, MTL4521L, MTL4523, MTL4523L, MTL4523R, MTL4523V, MTL4523VL, MTL4524, MTL4524S, MTL4525, MTL4526, MTL4531, MTL4532, MTL4533, MTL4541, MTL4541A, MTL4541AS, MTL4541B, MTL4541P, MTL4541S, MTL4541T, MTL4544, MTL4544A, MTL4544AS, MTL4544B, MTL4544D, MTL4544S, MTL4546, MTL4546C, MTL4546S, MTL4546Y, MTL4549, MTL4549C, MTL4549Y, MTL4561, MTL4575, MTL4576-RTD, MTL4576-THC, MTL4581

MTL5500 Series

Part Number

MTL5501-SR, MTL5510, MTL5510B, MTL5511, MTL5513, MTL5514, MTL5514D, MTL5516C, MTL5517, MTL5521, MTL5522, MTL5523, MTL5523V, MTL5523VL, MTL5524, MTL5525, MTL5526, MTL5531, MTL5532, MTL5533, MTL5541, MTL5541A, MTL5541AS, MTL5541S, MTL5544, MTL5544A, MTL5544AS, MTL5544D, MTL5544S, MTL5546, MTL5546Y, MTL5549, MTL5549Y, MTL5561, MTL5575, MTL5576-RTD, MTL5576-THC, MTL5581, MTL5582

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